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"We weren't sure if homeschooling was the right thing for our family. When our son started the choir we finally felt like everything clicked. We are so happy to be at the choir and homeschooling. My son likes choir more than gymnastics." Fiona (Rory's Mom)

"Mrs. Barbary provides excellent musical instruction in a fun-filled atmosphere. My daughter has arranged her community college schedule to ensure her continued participation in PVHC. We love Mrs. Barbary!" Rita (Dana and Daniel's Mom)

"Esther begged to be part of the choir like her big sister, and was allowed to join when she was not quite five. She loves choir practices, and now that we have the practice CD, asks to listen all the time so she can learn the words. Now my two-year-old wants to join too, and sings along whenever she can! My children love being part of Mrs. Barbary's choir, and I love the way she can bring out the best in the children, resulting in such a lovely sound!" Eleen (Ruth and Esther's Mom)

"I like choir because Mrs. Barbary is nice! I like to be creative, and in choir sometimes we rewrite the lyrics and think of crazy things to share for attendance. I like to learn new things, and in choir I can learn things like how to play handbells. I also like choir because I make new friends." Katie (age 11)

"My daughters have really enjoyed the opportunity to create beautiful and enthusiastic harmonies with other homeschoolers. This is as much a music appreciation class as it is a chorus; they�ve learned styles of music from many American and international genres, and I can hear them exploring the new sounds when they're at the piano at home." Christina (Katie and Emma�s Mom)

"I like to sing with Mrs. Barbary because she's so fun!" Emma (age 7)