Irish Harp and Voice: Barbary
Concertina: Dan Bienenfeld
Cello: Greg Adamson

1. An earthly nourris sits and sings
And aye she sings �Balily wean�
�Little ken I my bairn�s father
Far less the land that he dwells in.�

2. Then in steps he to her bedfeet
And a grumbly guest I�m sure was he
Sayin� �Here am I, thy bairn�s father
Although I be not comely.�

3. �I am a man upon dry land
I am a silkie in the sea
And when I�m far and far from land
My home it is in Sule Skerry.�

4. Then he has taken a purse of gold
He has placed it on her knee
Sayin� �Give to me my little young son
And take thee up thy nourris fee�

5. �And it shall come to pass on a summer�s day
When the sun shines hot on every stone
I�ll come to fetch my little young son
And will teach him for to swim the foam.�

6. �And ye shall marry a gunner good
And a right fine gunner I�m sure he�ll be
And the very first shot that e�er he shoots
Will kill both my young son and me.�

7. �Alas, alas� cried the maiden fair
�This weary fate�s been laid for me�
Then she said, and then she said
�I�ll bury me in Sule Skerry.�