Ca' the Yowes

Irish Harp and Voice: Barbary

Ca� the yowes tae the knowes (Call the ewes to the knolls)
Ca� them whaur (where) the heather growes
Ca� them whaur the burnie rowes (stream rolls)
My bonnie dearie

1. As I ga�ed doon (went down)  the water side
Tis there I met my shepherd lad
He ro�ed (rolled) me sweetly in his plaid
And he ca�ed me his dearie

2. Will ye gang doon the waterside
Ta see the waves sae sweetly glide
Beneath the hazel spreadin� wide
The moon it shines fu� (full) clearly

3. I was brought up in nae sic (no such) school
My shepherd lad to play the fool
And all the day to sit in dool (misery)
Wi� naebody to see me

4. Ye shall get goons (gowns) and ribbons meet
Cauf-leather shoon (calf-leather shoes) upon yer feet
And in my arms ye�ll lie and sleep
Ye shall be my dearie

5. If ye�ll but stand by what you�ve said
I�ll go wi� you my shepherd lad
And ye may ro� (roll) me in yer plaid
And I shall be yer dearie

6. While waters wimple ta the sea
While day blinks in the lift sae hie (sky so high)
Till clay cauld (cold) death shall blin� my e�e (blind my eye)
Ye shall be my dearie